Dental Products

Removable & Fixed

Turn Around Times


  • Cast Frame 10 days
  • Set Up for Try-in 3 days
  • Process and Finish 3 Days
  • Bite Rim 2 days
  • Custom Tray 2 days
  • Flexible Finish Only 5 days
  • Reline 7 hours
  • Repair 6 hours
  • Hard Nightguard 3 days
  • Soft Nightguard / Bleach Trays 2 days
  • Implants / Attachments Call


Materials and Workmanship

Our work will be free of defects related to materials and workmanship. We also guarantee that the appliance will fit the provided cast and be constructed to the design given on the Rx. TDA will remake or repair any appliance at no cost or reduced fee depending on the circumstances of the case. All materials and workmanship carry a one-year guarantee. Remake evaluation will be covered on a case by case basis with the lab manager.

Credit Policy

TDA offers an open monthly account on all cases. Each case is
invoiced and statements will be mailed around the first of the
month. Statement balance is due within 20 days of receipt. A 1.5%
service charge will be applied to any balance over 20 days past
due. Customers with an outstanding balance over 90 days will be
converted to a C.O.D. basis. Accounts that are sent to our attorney
for collection will be responsible for all attorney fees and court


While our conventional restorations are extremely functional for
day in and day out dentistry, some of our clients/patients desire a
restoration with an extra touch. TDA is proud to offer our ARTS
line prostheses that compare to other esthetic departments. Please
specify in your special instructions on your Rx if this is the
restoration that is right for your case.


TDA pays the cost of shipping both ways. You will be provided
with labels at no cost; because we believe it is our responsibility
to shoulder the cost of receiving and sending your casework. This
only applies to ground shipping.


Full Dentures

  • ARTS Line Removable* Call
  • Duplicate Denture Call
  • Bite Rim w/ Light Cured Base Call
  • Custom Tray w/ Handle Call
  • Reline Call
  • Immediate per Tooth Call
  • Repair Call
  • Denture Process (Premium) Call
  • Rebase Call
  • Reset after 2nd try-in Call
  • Denture rush charge Call
  • 1x14 Set-up Call
  • Soft Liner Call
  • Q-Sil Finish (Soft Linear extra) Call
  • Reinforcement Call
  • Moloplast B Call
  • Processed Denture Base Call

Implant Removable

  • Attachment Labor Call
  • Implant Labor (Crown) Call
  • Implant Labor (Denture) Call
  • Soft Tissue Model Call

Nobel Procera “All on 4/5/6” all inclusive includes tray, rim, initial set-up, model work w/analogs, titanium CAD bar, tooth transfer, and premium process. All “Hybrid” work is done at our facility.

*ARTS LINE Removable upgrades tooth quality, tissue anatomy/color, try in presentation, and intricate processing. All work on the case is done by the lab manager.

Partial Dentures

  • ARTS LINE Call
  • Porcelain to N.P Call
  • Porcelain fused to Noble/High Noble Call
  • Maryland Bridge w/ Metal Call
  • Wrap, Etch, Re-etch Call
  • Porcelain fused Bridge Unit Call


  • ARTS LINE Call
  • PFZ/Bridge Unit PFZ Call
  • Bruxzir Call
  • TDZ microlayer Call

IPS e.Max

  • ARTS LINE Call
  • e.max Press Call
  • e.max Layered Call
  • e.max Pontic w/ Wings Call


  • Implant Labor (Stock Abutment) Call
  • e.max Press Call
  • e.max Layered Call
  • e.max Pontic w/ Wings Call

Full Cast/Misc.

  • Full Cast Restoration (NP Metal Included) Call
  • Post/Core/Casting Call
  • Diagnostic Wax Up Call
  • Acrylic Temp Call
  • Custom Shade (In Office/Our Facility) Call
  • Porcelain Butt Margin Call

M= +Metal