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Dental Implants

Tuscaloosa Dental Arts ( TDA) prides itself in being one of the foremost dental labs for implant restorations. We are able to provide the highest quality restorations for even the most complex restorative situations. With an on staff Prosthodontist having multiple years of implant experience we are able to help solve even the most difficult implant problems. TDA is able to provide products from single implant abutments to complex implant bars. Consultation with the on staff Prosthodontist allows clients to tackle even the most difficult cases with confidence.

Fixed Department Implants / Abutments

TDA takes great pride in the fabrication of our fixed restorations on implants. Great care is taken in the fabrication to establish proper form and function. We can give restorative guidance from just a single dental restoration to a full arch. We are able to provide a variety of stock or custom titanium or zirconia abutment parts for almost any implant system available. Here at TDA, our go to is a custom abutment. We believe most, if not all, cases should have a custom designed abutment because every patient is not stock. Custom abutments are CAD designed for the highest quality and form on either our Nobel Biocare or 3 shape scanners. Custom abutments allow the laboratory to create a more tooth like form improving emergence profile and contour of the final restoration. Custom abutments can also be waxed and cast to the doctor’s specifications. If cost is an issue, we also can use stock abutments, although we are limited in what we can mill out of stock titanium or zirconia. However, we have experience using stock abutments and will provide the best case possible. Lastly we just want to note that our implant crown and bridge is a huge business driver for us, as we provide implant knowledge that most
clients are not used to receiving.

Implant Overdentures /All-on-4/ Rare implant restorations

TDA takes great pride in being at the forefront of implant bar and overdenture restorations. We have loads of experience in fabrication of implant bars ranging mostly from All-on-4 to full arch Zirconia bar substructures for cementable restorations. TDA fabricates many top quality implant overdentures ranging from just two implants to multiple implant overdenture bars. Multiple years of expertise in implant overdenture fabrication allow us to help guide the clinician during implant restorations to achieve outstanding results and high patient satisfaction. All implant bars are virtually designed using cad-cam software on the Nobel Biocare optical scanner. Most of our bars are titanium and they range from hader and locator bars, to wrap around fixed hybrid bars for All-on-4. We do cases all over the country involving implants on edentulous and semi-edentulous restorations. Please call or email Ben today with any implant bar logistics questions you may have!

Duraflex RPD

Duraflex offers the comfort and esthetics of conventional flexible partials with the ease of adjustment similar to standard acrylics. Extremely flexible and almost unbreakable, duraflex is a great choice for those patients who aren’t comfortable with the appearance of metal. Duraflex comes in three shades; light pink, medium pink, and dark pink. Each of these colors have a nice translucency which blends beautifully with all patients’ mucosa.


TDA was founded in removable prosthetics, so it is no surprise we take great care in our complete dentures. Quality of our dentures is rarely seen in today’s market, in that we believe this is one of our core products. Expect to see actual balanced, beautifully symmetrical set-ups, with premium teeth. Also, our dentures are processed with great care and with premium acrylics. Furthermore, our dentures are mounted on semi-adjustable articulators, every single one, so again another reason to show you that we are different when it comes to complete dentures. If you haven’t already experienced the special touch we give to dentures, we challenge you to compare what you have seen versus our completed product.

Cast Metal RPDs

Our cast metal frames are high-end quality at an affordable price. All cast frame models are surveyed, and either designed to your specs or designed with the best overall function and esthetics in mind. Our frames are thin for comfortability, yet strong to resist breakage. Many clients often describe our frames similar to those that double in price. Cast metal frames can also be upgraded with tissue or tooth colored clasp for a hybrid partial that grabs the best of both worlds. Try one out today, we can assure you that you will be impressed.

Variflex Splints

In all our years experience we have found making clear occlusal splints is a pain in the you know what. Hard processed occlusal splints either fit too tight or fit too loose. That’s when we found an orthodontic material called Variflex from Great Lakes Orthodontics. Variflex is a heat softening acrylic, that is hard at room temp like acrylics, but when placed in warm water it softens for easy insertion. Almost every client we have converted to Variflex and is extremely satisfied. Picture this; you heat the appliance up, insert into patient’s mouth, get patient to bite, and you are done. It’s that simple and we know you will wonder why you have done regular hard acrylic splints for so long.

All Acrylic RPDs

All acrylic partials and flippers are processed with premium acrylic and fit back to a master cast. Custom clasp design is second to none, along with the availability again to use tissue or tooth colored clasps. We like to think of our all acrylic partials not as just a temporary solution, but also a more cost effective option for a long term prosthesis.

e.max Standard

E.max lithium disilicate is quickly becoming many of our client’s beautiful alternative to PFM restorations. It’s like they say in the advertisement: Lithium disilicate changes everything. The weakest link to any traditional veneered product is the porcelain you layer it with and the bond between two materials. Being a pressed ceramic from a full contour wax-up, IPS e.max takes that out of the equation completely and gives you a monolithic restoration that has 360-400 MPa of flexural strength all the way through the restoration. Which means you don’t have to worry about porcelain chipping or cracking off of the restoration, but you still have a beautiful crown for your patient. Oh and did I mention you can cement these conventionally? Usually, we do these restorations on single crowns, inlays/onlays, veneers, and 2-4 unit anterior bridges


Like all of our ARTS Line product, this e.max variation takes a great product and makes it that much more beautiful by cutting back the pressed ceramic and layering many modifiers and lots more internal tooth characterization with more translucency. It’s a hybrid pressed lithium disilicate and fired porcelain restoration that provides dynamite results. The only downside is that you do loss the monolithic aspect of the crown, but it is still an incredibly strong and beautiful restoration. This is our go to restoration for anterior smile design cases. We recommend these on single crowns, small bridges and veneers


Still the most economical and versatile of restorations, porcelain fused to metal crown and bridge has always been our foundational fixed product. By utilizing magnification in our waxing stage we’ve tried to eliminate marginal inaccuracy. We then layer the HN/N/ or NP frameworks with porcelain matched to the shade given and/or photos taken. We also offer cad-cam porcelain fused to metal singles and bridges with premium porcelain for our ARTS Line products. Please specify the way you like your PFM’s and we are sure to turn out a consistent product that saves you chair time.

BRUXZIR or Full Contour ZR

Bruxzir – Full Zirconia crowns and bridges are fabricated using state-of- the-art scan and mill technology with the 3shape dental scanner. All Zr restorations are a monolithic zirconia milled crown that provides somewhere in the neighborhood of 1200mPa flexural strength. These are definitely sometimes more Brawn than Beauty, however latest technologies in translucency have come a long way and we can do a lot with shading to make these cases look nice. Full contour zirconia is designed to replace posterior full-gold crowns and metal occlusals for patients who are leery of placing alloy in the mouth. Full Zr is available in all the classic shades, and achieved by dipping the zirconia prior to sintering and then staining and glazing for a final shade match. Also feel free to use full zirconia for better esthetics on metal occlusal cases, as you can always veneer the buccal or labial side of these restorations for maximum esthetics. This way you have strong solid Zr on the occlusal surfaces with lovely character on all the surfaces you can see. Cases are virtually unbreakable and are recommended on molars and second bicuspids, with some layered cases on the anterior.

Zirconia Core Restorations

Zirconia core restorations are similar to your PFM’s, except you replace metal with a Zirconia coping or bridge for an all-ceramic solution. Zr copings are milled from a five-axis mill that reads an stl file from our 3shape or Nobel Biocare optical scanner. After coping fabrication, porcelain is layered and fired with high bond strength similar also to PFM restorations. The benefit of these types of cases is that you have much more say in the internal characteristics, modifiers, translucency, and shade of your product. ARTS line Zr cases involve this type of procedure and are great for doing long span anterior bridges not covered by e.max protocol. Have a 4 or more unit bridge you want to do in all ceramics? This is the way to go!