Welcome to Tuscaloosa Dental Arts

Thank you for visiting Tuscaloosa Dental Arts. We are an experienced dental laboratory focused on combining state of the art techniques and technologies with quality service and reasonable prices. We understand the frustrations associated with poor communication, so we strive to maintain an open line of discussion with every case. Our success hinges on the success of our clients, and we never forget that. We quality check every case to assure that our product fits well and the end result looks great.

Who we are

We are a group of technicians trained in all facets of dental technology. We offer a full range of lab services and are prepared to handle any case from crowns to full arch hybrids and everything in between. We strive to expand our knowledge daily to remain on the forefront of quality and technology. With experience chairside, we know what you see and we understand your concerns.

Mission Statement

Tuscaloosa Dental Arts is a full service dental laboratory providing consistent high quality restorations with efficiency using the latest technology and the best materials. We strive to build lasting professional relationships with our clients with communication and being an integral part of your team.


With technology at the forefront of todays’s industry, we do not shy away from it, we embrace it. The new technologies available today allow us to streamline workflow making us more efficient. We are able to provide our clients with the same quality product for less time, but still giving each case our own personal touch.

William Roe, DMD

Prosthodontist, owner

Ben Rhodes, BS, CDT

COO, Removable Manager

Noah Oswalt, CDT

Fixed Manager

Dana Oswalt


Leslie Shadwick, RDH

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Removable Department

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