Tuscaloosa Dental Arts was founded in December 2008 on the premise of something special, something different. Prosthodontist Dr. William Roe spent years of practice searching for a laboratory that could satisfy his desire for advanced prosthetics with quality at its core. After exploring what was out there, he decided the best option was to create his own dental laboratory and offer that same service to the dental community. Aided with the help and progressive ideas of Ben Rhodes, a qualified University of Alabama graduate and experienced technician, TDA was founded on a basis of advanced prosthetics for every dentist. Built with only the capacity to provide removable prosthetics, TDA grew to a six man removable laboratory by the start of January 2010. As the lab grew at a rapid rate, the obvious need for a full service laboratory became apparent, and as a result, TDA opened its branch of fixed prosthetics in February of 2010. With the arrival of experienced fixed technicians, the lab began to see even higher rates of growth.












We are an experienced group of technicians; that have been trained in all facets of dental technology. We are prosthodontist minded, prosthodontist trained, and yet we still serve the needs of all forms of dental professionals. Specializing in implant prosthetics we are daily advancing in our knowledge, not just because we have to, because we WANT to. We have experience chair side, so we know what you see and we understand your issues. Tuscaloosa Dental Arts has grown to a sixteen- person lab as of January 2013, and that’s in an economic recession. We are progressive, and we strive to be the best. We are what some are searching for and we do it all with professional, courteous service, and at a fair price. So when we say we aren’t just another laboratory, we mean it, because we know what that is, and that isn’t the answer to your needs. Give us a shot, we will do your first case or two for free, because we know, once you see how we do business and lab work, you will have found the lab you’ve been looking for.